By Memorandum Order entered by the Honorable Mary Pat Thynge in Quantum Loyalty Systems, Inc., et al. v. TPG Rewards, Inc., Civil Action No. 09-022-SLR/MPT (D.Del., March 6, 2012), the Court ordered Plaintiffs, Quantum Loyalty Systems, Inc. and Quantum Corporation of New York, Inc., to supplement their response to interrogatory number 7 of Defendant, TPG Rewards, Inc., which asked Plaintiffs to explain why each claim of the patent-in-suit does not cover defendants 1993 and 2002 products which are at issue as prior art. Judge Thynge found Plaintiffs’ original response, which merely parroted claim language and generally pointed to documents on the Court’s docket, was not an adequate response to the interrogatory. Id. at 5.

A complete copy of the Memorandum Order is attached.