By Memorandum Opinion entered by The Honorable May Pat Thynge in Cordance Corporation v., Inc., Civil Action No. 06-491-MPT (D.Del., April 11, 2012), the Court granted in part and denied in part the bill of costs of defendant, Inc. (“Amazon”) after adjudication in its favor on the patent infringement claims filed against it by plaintiff Cordance Corporation (“Cordance”). Significantly, although the Court granted Amazon’s request for printing and copying costs in the amount of $1,378.78, filing fees in the amount of $1,498.99, deposition expenses in the amount of $1,152.80 and witness fees in the amount of $27,575.37, the Court completely denied Amazon’s request for exemplification costs in the amount of $51,323.62 and significantly limited the ediscovery costs granted to Amazon to $2,721.52 out of the $447,694.63 that Amazon claimed as ediscovery costs. Id. at 20-21.

A complete copy of the Memorandum Opinion is attached.