The United States District Court for the District of Delaware announced that, effective February 3, 2017, the Honorable Sue L. Robinson, transitioned to Senior Judge.  In the announcement, the Court also set forth certain changes to its case assignment practices given Judge Robinson’s transition to a Senior United States District Judge.  In short, Judge Robinson will not be assigned any new criminal cases or new civil cases.  Until the vacancy is filled, all new criminal cases will be assigned to Chief Judge Stark, Judge Sleet and Judge Andrews.  Until the vacancy is filled, all new civil cases will be assigned to Chief Judge Stark, Judge Sleet, Judge Andrews and a new docket referred to as “Vacant Judgeship” or “VAC”.  The cases assigned to VAC will also be referred to one of the Magistrate Judges – Judge Thynge (“MPT”), Judge Burke (“CJB”), and Fallon (“SRF”).

A copy of the Court’s Announcement is attached.

By Memorandum Order entered by The Honorable Gregory M. Sleet in Arrowpoint Capital Corp. v. Arrowpoint Asset Management, LLC, et al., Civil Action No. 10-161 (D.Del. October 11, 2016), the Court granted Plaintiff Arrowpoint Capital Corp.’s motion for partial summary judgment in its trademark infringement action against Defendants Arrowpoint Asset Management, LLC, et al. after finding that Arrowpoint Capital is entitled to summary judgment on the issue of ownership of certain marks containing the “ARROWPOINT” element and has valid and legally protectable marks. In the Memorandum Order, the Court also denied the motion for summary judgment of Defendants on Plaintiff’s claims for willful infringement, disgorgement of profits and other matters. Id. at *2-5.

A copy of the Memorandum Order is attached.